Customers frequent questions...
Do you charge for estimates and quotations ?
Do your members provide invoices and receipts and is VAT charged ?
Should we empty drawers and cupboards before the Move ?
Do you transport pets ?
Can I ride in the van as I don't have my own transport, I don't mind riding in the back ?
Are you insured ?
How much will it cost and how do I pay ?
What happens if I need to cancel or postpone the work ?
I have surplus furniture can you dispose of it ?
Is there anything you do not Move ?
Members frequent questions...
What happens after I have joined ?
Do I need to have my own van ?
What happens if I can't carry out a Removal or other work that's booked ?
What do I do if the customer needs a bigger van ?
How would I go about cancelling my membership ?
Will I have a place on your website, information ?
What areas can I cover ?